Align Support

March 2015


Installation. 1

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Remote Session.. 2

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Log Collecting. 2



Download and install from one of the following links, according to Support Provider / Locale:

·         Cadent / Align

·         Straumann

·         Russia

·         Korea


These links are for initial installations only.
To upgrade an existing installation see “Updates – Configuration and Application” below.


Align Support application requires port 443 (HTTPS) to be opened for outbound traffic.

Some of the Support Providers may require additional ports opened for communications.
The ports used can be seen in the ‘Connect To:’ field when station is selected.


Remote Session

Align Support application holds a list of support stations, grouped by the support provider and/or locale.

When clients call, they should be given a support station name.
Selecting a specific support station will show its address in the “Connect To:” field (which can also be edited manually).
Selecting the ‘head’ of any of the support groups will select the first support station in that group.

Pressing “Connect” will create the Support session that will enable the support station to see the client’s computer.
Any number of connections can be done, all stay active until closed from the support station or disconnected from the client computer.

Pressing “Disconnect” will disconnect all active Support connections.

Updates – Configuration and Application

The application configuration contains the list of support stations. It is updated automatically once a day.
To manually update the configuration: select ‘Update’ | ‘Configuration’ from the Options menu.

To get an updated version of the application: select ‘Update’ | ‘Application’ from the Options menu.
This will download the latest installation and activate it in order to update the application.

In order to launch the installation, the current Support sessions will be closed.
However, the last active sessions will be reopened upon the installation’s completion.


User can add or remove a Locale from the list of locales shown in the application window.
Select ‘Locales’ from the Option menu and click on any of the available locales to toggle their visibility.

Log Collecting

Run the Align Support application.

From the Options menu, select ‘Collect Logs’ and select one of the duration options under it.
The duration of log collecting so far has been 10 days.

All logs available on the client computer will be collected, according to selected duration, into a ZIP file.
The user will be prompted to send the logs to support and the folder containing the file folder will be opened.
Logs can be sent using YouSendIt.